Making Sense of Free Web 2.0 Tools

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Best of the Web>Web2.0 Database from Conroe I.S.D.
(right click links and choose "Open in new tab or new window to get rid of the frame).

SaaS: Cloudware
(also Web 2.0 Tools)

Applications similar to those on traditional PC but run on web server, may be used as personal (not collaborative) but have EXTENSIVE collaborative capacities.
Google Docs: Office suite
(Example: Create a spreadsheet and share it as a form, send the link to users or embed code. Users fill out form and add data to your spreadsheet.)
Zoho: Office suite

ThinkFree: Office suite
(Voted Best Free Online Office Suite by Computer World)

Scribd: Free Online Unlimited File Storage, Upload, Share, Explore

Animoto: Free video creation with music and pictures.

“Traditional” Web 2.0*
Focus on Networking and Collaboration/Participation
(read, contribute, comment, debate)

Blogs: Blogger (Google), MSN Spaces, Live Journal, etc.
(read, comment, publish, debate)

Social Netorking Sites: MySpace, Facebook, Orkut

Photo Sharing/Networking: Flikr, Picasa (Google)
download, upload, view, tag photos

Voicethread: Blog combined with Slideshow
Add a picture or movie file, then record yourself talking about it. Others can add their voices to your production. Can be used as a slideshow, embedded in webpage, similar to Photo Story with narration.

Rich Internet Applications
(Also Web 2.0)

The user interacts with a website without downloading software. The user can customize the page/view/information.

BeFunky: Create your own avatar, cartoonize any photo

Find music, movies, etc. that are interesting to you

Gliffy: Create Complex Organizational Flowcharts/Diagrams, basic account free

Optimal Sort: Organizational tool

Visit, click Best of the Web, then Click “Web 2.0” for an ever-growing list of links
*Web 1.0: The web as a one way application where “viewers” receive information but do not manipulate or publish information.

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